Do you love travel photography? Come learn with Alisa as she goes from amateur photographer to pro, and shares her photos and experiences with you!Explore the World through our Eyes
Got that nagging feeling that there’s more to life than the daily grind? As former 9-5ers, so did we. Now we’re traveling the world and helping to inspire others.Join The Carpe Diem Couple’s Journey
Enjoying beers from around the world has always been Mike’s passion. Now he’s getting in front of the camera and exploring where those beers are made, served and enjoyed.Watch Marco Beero

About The Carpe Diem Couple

Growing up in Long Island, New York, expectations were made very clear…go to college, find a job, get married, buy a house, and have kids…thus ensuring the cycle continues indefinitely.

That was the path we were on until we realized that we were not living the lives we wanted. We had the most important things already…we had each other and the belief that the meaning of life is to give life meaning. We broke that cycle and made it our goal to seize every day and experience all that this world has to offer.

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