100 Tips You Need To Know For Backpacking In Australia

For just $4.99, you’ll learn insider secrets to save money, stay safe, and have an amazing trip!

100 Tips You Need To Know For Backpacking In Australia

Don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else. Read these tips to save loads of money, hours of research, and avoid embarrassment and even danger along the way. These are tips YOU NEED TO KNOW before your adventure “Down Under.”

Save a TON of money:
-Use Tip #2 to automate your airfare search and save hundreds of dollars getting to Australia
-Use Tips #26 and #27 to avoid foreign currency exchange fees and withdraw money from ATMs with NO fees
-Don’t get confused or ripped off
when buying a car or campervan. Become a pro with Tips #53 and #54
-Save hundreds of dollars in fines by watching out for the laws outlined in Tip #88

“If you’re even considering a trip to Australia, this is a must read.” -Darren (Amazon review)

Don’t forget to bring these:
-Tip #7 prevents you from tossing and turning all night
-Keep the bed bugs away with Tip #17
-Be the hero at the beach with Tip #18

“The tips more than paid for themselves. This download saved me both time and money.” -Matthew (Amazon review)

You’ll also learn how to:
Stay in beautiful Australian homes, farms, and even mansions, AND eat delicious meals…FOR FREE! Tip #58 shows you how
-Never pay for a campsite
anywhere in the country with Tip #60
-Find Australia’s best sporting events, music and art festivals, and beer and wine fests with Tip #78 (you’ll even learn how to get into some of them for free)
-Avoid getting stopped at the border. Follow Tip #83 and ensure that you have a smooth experience entering the country

“Mike gets to the point quick and each tip is very helpful. I highly recommend this book to all travelers!” -Amy (Amazon review)

And…how would you like at least $30 (or much more) extra in your pocket before you board your plane home? Let Tip #87 show you the perfectly legal way to claim your cash

All of these tips and 86 more (plus bonus tips).
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100 Tips You Need To Know For Backpacking In Australia is written by Mike Messeroff, an experienced traveler and backpacker and one-half of The Carpe Diem Couple.