What Determines Success?

Everyone has different answers to this question…

such as wealth, professional status, being respected, and fame.

What do YOU think determines success? Have you ever really thought about your answer to this question? The answer is definitely NOT the same for everyone!


In my life, happiness, love and the unknown determine my success. Waking up every day next to my amazing husband, looking forward to what each day holds, having an amazing family and friends and not knowing what the future will bring equates to success in my book. Life is fun, exciting and miraculous!

It’s funny though, because if someone asked me what determines success 5 years ago I would have said things like being wealthy or having a high position in a successful corporate job. As I grow older my life experiences have really helped me to realize what is important and I am so grateful for that.

Mike and I are going to backpack across the world together and as we continue on this adventure I hope we both learn more about how we define success and just as importantly…how we achieve it!

What determines success for you? Please share your thoughts below!