After a little inspiration from Brad Paisley’s song “Time Well Wasted,” I felt the need to write this and also heed my own advice. Lately, I find myself getting more and more stressed out when I feel like I have not been productive or crossed off enough items on my To Do List.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lists and find them very helpful. However, I find myself forgetting why we came to St. John in the first place: to spend a year in one location chilling out and decompressing. When I take a minute to remind myself of this, it really helps to put me in a good mood and realize that not crossing things off a list does not mean that my day was not productive.


Think back on your last year, or even just the last six months since New Year’s. What memories stand out to you? Was it a staff meeting, business trip, or birthday celebration in the break room [insert cringe here]? Or was it time spent with friends and family, maybe doing nothing more than relaxing and having fun? My guess is the latter…

So am I saying that you should quit your jobs or call out sick more often than not? Of course not…but what I am saying is that the memories we cherish, the days that we look back on and say “yeah, that was a great day” are the most important things in our lives. In essence they ARE our lives. So why not make those memories happen as often as possible?

Believe me, I’m no expert on this and quite frankly have trouble with this every day. I like crossing things off my list so much that I often have “update to do list” as an item on my to do list, just so I can cross it off! I am also a strong believer in setting aside time, perhaps even a full day, to buckle down and get work done.

But right now I am trying hard to just enjoy life and the little things each day that make life so amazing. Whether it’s a hike with Rocky (and being in no rush for it to end), some alone time with Alisa, “Sunday Funday” with friends, or a random afternoon of watching Lord of the Rings while drinking some Rum & Root Beers with my friend Sean (which was the culprit for me not getting this blog post written sooner), these are the memories I will look back on and smile.


To quote the Pink Floyd song “Time” (one of my all-time favorite songs):

And then one day you find,
ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run.
You missed the starting gun.

You may read and interpret this as “Climb the Corporate Ladder” or “Make Money” or some other expectation imposed by society. I interpret this as “Enjoy your life now, before it’s too late.” Some more from Pink Floyd:

And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking.
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older.
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Don’t miss the starting gun for your life. Mine may have come roughly three decades in…but it’s never to late to start living and enjoying each day. Especially if those days are filled with ‘Time Well Wasted.’

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Do you think that wasting time is a good or bad thing? Does it matter HOW you are wasting time? Leave a comment below!