Fiji Beachouse


After our Awesome Adventures Fiji tour of the smaller islands, we wanted to experience the mainland for a few nights before our departing flights. After a lot of research, we booked at the Fiji Beachouse. They claim to be “Fiji’s Best Budget Boutique Beach Resort” and we cannot argue with that! It definitely lies somewhere between hostel and resort.

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Getting to Fiji Beachouse

Fiji Beachouse - Yellow bus
Once we reached Port Denerau in Nadi (after our Awesome Adventure Ferry arrived), we hopped on the Yellow Bus ($1 per person) to the Bus Station where we caught an express bus to Suva ($9 per person) the capital and largest city of Fiji, located on the southeast coast of the main island. After about 2 hours we reached our stop and made the short walk into reception.

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The Resort and Rooms

Fiji Beachouse - Private room

When you book your room, make sure to ask if they have any private rooms available! The difference between private rooms and dorm rooms is night and day (or literally the difference between hotel and hostel). We found the Fiji Beachouse on AIRBNB and that helped us land a private double room (for the first of 2 nights) for the same price as a 6 bedroom dorm. The double room with outdoor bathroom was absolutely gorgeous.

It is amazing how both our best room and worst room in Fiji were at the same hotel.

FIJI BEACHOUSE Outdoor Shower - this is the life!

Note that everything, including food and drinks, was expensive and more in line with resort-pricing than hostel-pricing. It also seemed like most of the guests were not backpackers, but instead they were on a “holiday” or finishing a long trip and relaxing there before flying home. We had an amazing time but it was definitely pricier then a true backpackers hostel would be.

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FIJI BEACHOUSE - The pool, and hangout area

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Waterfall Hike

Since we only had one full day at the resort, we decided to do the Waterfall Hike ($10 FJD per person), which was recommended to us by some friends who had recently stayed here.

Juut, a Fijian who lived in Navola Village (a village located next to the hostel) guided the hike. He picked us up (as well as 2 other people staying at our resort) at 10:30 am and we walked down the road about ¼ mile before we reached the trail head.

After about 75 minutes of walking in mud and through rivers we reached the waterfall, and it was beautiful! The water was  cold but refreshing. Juut took a bunch of pictures while we climbed up the fall. After frolicking in the water we headed back down the mountain, through the mud and rivers and back to the hostel.





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Lesson From a Fijian

FIJI BEACHOUSE - Sunset overlooking The Beachouse resort

The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and waited at the bus stop to get back to Nadi. While waiting we met Kimi, a Fijjian who lived in Navola village. He was waiting with his cousin at the bus stop for an egg delivery that was being made to Fiji Beachouse and he had ordered extra eggs to bring back to his village.

A white van pulled into the hostel driveway and Kimi ran out and paid for his eggs. Eggs in hand he came back and sat back down at the bus stop. After 10 minutes of Kimi just hanging out Mike asked “What are you doing now?,” since neither Mike nor I understood why he was still there. His reply was “I’m relaxing.” He was relaxing, what a concept!

He continued to say “In most of the world all people care about is making money, but it is not like that here. I enjoy my life and after I relax here I will bring the eggs back to the village and relax some more.” Our bus arrived shortly after this enlightening advice and off to the airport we went (but not before Kimi invited us to stay with him in his village the next time we visit Fiji. He said we should bring tents and we can stay as long as we like).

What is your favorite resort in Fiji? Have you been to Fiji Beachouse? Please share your experiences in the comments below!