I love South Park. I loved it from the first time I saw a commercial for it when I was 15 years old (unreal to think that that was half a lifetime ago).

When someone argues that South Park is “stupid” or “potty humor,” I love to remind them that the entire premise for the Terrance & Phillip characters were created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in response to critics…to show them exactly what toilet humor is.

The Zen of South Park and Alan Watts

The Zen of South Park and Alan Watts

¬†Lately I have started to listen to Alan Watts, a well known philosopher who became popular for teaching Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. I found several short videos of Alan Watts audio clips animated by the South Park guys and obviously became very intrigue. After some research, I discovered that Trey Parker’s dad was a big Alan Watt’s fan and exposed him to some of the teachings at an early age. Very cool.

Please enjoy these clips of Alan Watts
animated by the creators of South Park:

*Note – If you only watch two clips, please watch the first and the last. The first is my favorite clip that they animated and the last clip is my favorite of any Alan Watts that I have seen so far. To my knowledge, it has not been animated by Trey and Matt but I have included it for your enjoyment.

Life and Music

Prickles and Goo




What If Money Was No Object? (*not animated)

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Are you a fan of South Park or Alan Watts…or both? Please share your thoughts on these clips in the comments below!