Imagine A World Where Everyone Travels,
The whole system unfurls, the machine unravels.
This mechanism called Life isn’t so mechanic after all,
And that big world you once knew, starts to get small.

Wherever you are, that is now your home.
Forever at ease, yet forever you roam.
Everyone you meet has something in common,
Traveling unites, like a shared bowl of Ramen.

You’ll be from some place, but more importantly, a citizen of earth.
You’ll respect others and be respected for your true worth.
Wealth is not measured in your portfolio, or in dollars or cents,
But in experiences, encounters and unforgettable moments.

 Since everyone travels, everyone is sharing.
A culture of waste becomes a culture of caring.
A society like this has the wisdom of the sages,
Like a worn-out map, with the best tips scribbled in its pages.


A world like this is insanity, it could never exist,
there is too much of the “real world” needed, too much to list.
To travel we need airplanes and buses to get there,
And backpack suppliers…where else would we put our underwear?
Let’s not forget money, which means we need banks.
And the restaurants and bars, we owe them great thanks.
We need cars to drive and places to sleep in,
Roads to be built, and tissues to weep in.

Well, it was just a thought…a silly one I admit.
But perhaps from travelers, everyone can learn just a little bit.
And in the meantime, to all those who keep the system from unraveling.
Thank you from all of us, the ones you allow to keep traveling.

By: Mike Messeroff